Critter testing the '62 6.0 Ford F350/F250 Powerstroke Boy

Thats right JR House of Diesel. Needed a little help taking some video. He’s got a nice touch with the throttle. Sorry I forgot to turn the fans off.

2008 F-450 Smith Motor Company with full Kelderman 8″-12″ kit 22.5″ Direct bolt on wheels, Cat back Exhaust, Self leveling and adjustable air system, AMP steps, it rides better than a Caddy.

KOH King of the Hammers Shannon Cambell tom meets
03′ F350 6.0 Powerstroke, ATS 5-4 5R110, Stock Tcase, Single Hydrolic Ram F, Dual Rear, Dana 60s F and R, now has 53″ Boggers, 20″ Aluminum Trail Ready wheels, Dual Powersteering, Front W/Hydroboost, Headstuds, Firerings, Completely rebuilt Motor, Full Tube Chassis Built by XXX Traction, 4Link F & R, 15KLb Warns W/Winch Rope F & R, Dual Powertank, ARBs F & R, Alpine Deck, Full ARC Audio Foose System, Components, two Subs, and 10″ Subs, 3 Custom grey, black, blue stitch Captains Chairs, Bully Dog Triple Dog, 5.13 Cryo Ring snd Pinion, 35 Spline Fronts, and 35 Cryo Rear The frame took over 2 years to build and I will fix all body damage before sale Diesel drags pull tractor truck pickup 08 superduty crawler house of diesel smith motor company dyno burnout donut desert race dodge chevy ford toyota Nissan gas powerstroke Cummins power stroke duramax vortech supercharge supercharger turbo turbocharger lift nitrous propane straightpipe straight pipe smc rock country music trucks jeep fj jump crawl 4x 4×4 offroad street super mad crazy chris matt Jason horsepower torque boob sex ass hammers rubicon moab Johnson valley werock tough xrra urock best of score monster reno vegas Hollister XXX traction mud swampers toyo mickey Thompson maxxis Gordon jr robby walker evans donahoe fabteck rhino quad polaris Honda bike motorcycle pirate four wheeler drive king runner tundra Tacoma jk tj cj Suzuki samurai trail ready bully dog banks gale ats ddp redneck pike calrocks pismo glamis fall roll over stuck semi big rig rock black sheep 250 350 f Silverado hemi Michelin xl xxl large suck hummer coilover sway away fordice jokers roadhouse cst rize beadlock svt cobra bogger irok lesbian naked procomp pro comp trd gamble poker run day days corvette twin screw ghost rider smoke out lift 8 10 20 22 54 53 44 40 37 2.5 3.0 6.0 6.4 5.9 v10 v8 6 6.6 liter sand beach hill climb rock tube 18 2 1 # number dick cepek grizzly attack fight tube chassis custom show car link help biggest loser winner champion 1st last bog dog mean boat system stereo steroid muscle blood mastercraft mb sanger Yamaha cycle motorcycle harley Davidson football baseball hockey basketball homerun touchdown dunk tits longtravel long travel suspension exhaust 5 6 4 inch twins dual air bags fj fj40 fj45 cj cj5 cj6 cj7 cj8 tj yj kj jk 4 runner land cruizer silverado ram burnout sami honkies cherokee pw hemi ls ls6 ls1 ls2 ls7 cobra srt svt F350 F250 F450 F650 F150 Lightning rednecks stuck roll rollover crash burn fire Sierra suburban explorer expedition excursion mustang blower street rod custom mud bog bogs cowboy cowgirl son dad mom sister brother daughter Texas California moon rocks pismo dunes hills hill climb mountain hunting attack ride horse bull cattle stampede rodeo roundup Tennessee Oklahoma Florida Nevada Oregon Washington Idaho Montana new York south north Carolina Dakota Virginia Georgia Alabama Kentucky Arizona socal norcal robby gordon RBP MBRP banks bully dog fabtech procomp sled 1000 500 600 torque exhaust pipe dual muscle steroid Marine Corp Army National Guard Navy Airforce Armor bumper 50 cal ricochet bomb blow tank bomber ranger seal base rocket launch sniper buggy kill swing motorcycle confederate harley davidson Peterbuilt mac international volvo simi big rig 18 wheeler air bags kelderman suzuki honda polaris grizzly spit copenhagen skoal big foot monster truck waterfall scale gun guns hunting fishing animal attack lion wolf bear grizzly speed top fuel hemi mopar dunes revolution rifle shotgun pistol officer rider model racing race nothing strip striping spiting mouth back porn star rap cent bird dog pigs wild crazy legs striper stripers fight UFC king of the cage fighter bouncer Chuck Liddell rich Franklin randy couture snow mobile run 37 40 44 53 39 40 1 2 3 4 5 1st glide coast doggy style shades nationals packers Dallas Police cop high school drugs high girls gone wild Reno P 51 Cash for Clunkers


13 replies on “Critter testing the '62 6.0 Ford F350/F250 Powerstroke Boy”

You can get a whole salvaged or totaled rig for less than a motor and rebuild it. You'll want to tear into it to inspect the pistons, add injectors, fire/wire rings, and head studs anyways. Plus you need all the computers and wire too. Oh and you can't beat the 5R110 Torqshift. There are three options for T-cases Stock, 205, or Stack. The Atlas is too narrow and the front driveline would hit the 5R110 Trans.

Here is an idea. Try putting over 400 RWHP through a stock Alison and a Stock Torqshift and lets see which last longer. Both are the best 2 auto trans on the market. Both last and have trans braking which is awesome for towing. I was talking to a Ford guy about a Ford swap. Let the Chevy guys appreciate their Alison and the Ford guys appreciate the Torqshift.

I'm not going to even start this stupid argument. Very few people can afford or even need a 650, but do you own or have you owned a Ford with a Torqshift? If so where did it fail you? If not then how can you say somethings the best when you haven't tried the rest. Thats called biased. I've used both with great success. Oh and the Alison that is behind that CAT is a different unit than the one behind your Duramax.

Don't blame you there, but like I said you don't have any experience with the Torqshift on a long term and its never failed you so don't knock it. As for the newer PDF trucks my dad's '08 Duramax over heats pulling an empty aluminum horse trailer up his hill so to me they all suck now. Did you buy an older truck or another PDF truck now?

Thank GOD. Too bad everyone keeps pointing the finger at Ford for International's design and workmanship. Brand new heads that have to be resurfaced come from International not Ford. Hope fully they get everything right on their own motor the Scorpion, and go overkill on everything.

Lets just keep our fingers crossed they're testing it like we do. Over loaded to the gills and tuned up to about 500 HP. They should take all the EPA crap off a few and sell about a dozen comp only ones and like the Cobra Jet. Sell them to people that'll take em to the pulls and tracks and watch people run to the dealerships. I'd buy one.

EPA couldn't do shit about all the Cobra Jets and Comp Challanger Chassis' that Dodge and Ford are currently delivering. They don't have VIN numbers, just Motor and Chassis Serial numbers. The Ford is delivered turn keyand the Dodge is delivered as a chassis, wit parts sold seperately.

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