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Congratulations Matt Bruner is our 1001 customer of a @speedutv Vehicle…. | RG Instagram

Congratulations πŸŽ‰ Matt Bruner is our 1001 customer of a @speedutv Vehicle.


24 replies on “Congratulations Matt Bruner is our 1001 customer of a @speedutv Vehicle…. | RG Instagram”

Wow look at the haters. It’s a bench mark that we all reached together by going into this commitment knowing we are getting the best sxs every built I’m sure Robby is thankful for all of us but I think we would all rather have him working on building the beast than giving everyone a pat on the back for making a deposit

We are happy to be number 618 wish it was 617 my birthday but just happy we were able to purchase SpeedUTV vehicle. Congratulations to you Robbie Gordon on such a awesome build. Congratulations to everyone who will be getting this amazing vehicle.

Oh nice I’ve got 6 buddy’s so far to commit to the Jefe and I think I will be ordering a bandit to and a Diablo just to make sure if I’m gonna sell all the rzrs and roll these next race season we have all bases covered love what your doing for the sport and glad you have a design that wont be pulled back from a big Corps profit margins. Thanks and keep up the good workπŸ‘

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