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Check out the 6 front view designs of the new Speed UTV on the also… | RG Instagram

Check out the 6 front view designs of the new Speed UTV on the also we are listening to your opinions as this is what we call the real voice of the customers please leave comments and link my bio @speedutv


24 replies on “Check out the 6 front view designs of the new Speed UTV on the also… | RG Instagram”

#2. The ducting between the headlight & grill finish it off. Looks more refined vs #5. But those two would be my choice.

@robbygordon Have deposit on 2 seater: I say go wild and go Alpha Cl1 style. Clean, timeless, and different than the rest. Johnny Kaiser will be ok with it I’m sure.????. 5 looks better than 2 but not in love with any of them. Would have to see angles and full car.

#4 because it’s got originality working for it, it’s bolder with the flatter angles, and well proportioned. All the other options look similar to what’s already on the UTV market. IMO stand out with something different.

@robbygordon #5 and then #2. I personally would like to see more. I don’t think you got it nailed yet.
Bigger question for you?
Will you sell to the public a four seated conversion long wheel bass car or is it like all other models up to us to make that significant change. I bet if you offered the car in a short or long wheel base as a two seater you would get a ton more interest on the desert side. Have three choices in cars the 2 seat short wheel base, 2 seat desert long wheel base, and the 4 seat long wheel base. I would be interested in running one in both desert circuits if I had a good parts deal and a sponsored car. Look forward to see what this year offers.

@speedutv, looking good! Hard to pick, but I think #1… would love to see the whole car rendering to help put it in perspective- I also love the idea of a trophy truck type body ???

In my opinion, design 4 or 5 are these looking ones, if you could get the prominent grill like number 4 with the sharp lines of number 5 I think it would be perfect! No matter what you choose they are going to be some wicked machines!

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