Baja 1000 – Robby Gordon Flying!

Aqui vemos a Robby Gordon a toda velocidad en la brecha que pasa cerca de La Conquista Agraria


11 replies on “Baja 1000 – Robby Gordon Flying!”

@dinkeydin999 it's funny how you see a hole on the ground and you instantly think its a booby trap. If thats so where's the dirt they dug up? It would be right next to the hole. This is the desert and there's holes on the ground, I dont know if you heard of off-road racing? Had they dug up a booby trap they would have done it somewhere where it couldn't be avoided, here he could have chosen to take the other lane. Also, you see about 80 dudes next to a booby trap not 2 guys drinking a beer.

ok i have been around this sport my whole life and i know for a fact what a fucking booby trap looks like and that is a booby trap they have killed 2 of my families close friends and but another in the hospital and if those are not booby traps then this is last baja 1000 they threw a fucking rattle snake into robbie pierces truck and it landed in his lap i would no my dad is vp of sales for mastercraft safety you cant tell me that snakes fly through the air to jump in trucks

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