BAJA 1000 HARDCORE #1 "Seat time" with WINNER Justin Davis 2011

How many miles can you make it…….. Part 1 of 10+ .HD POV “RePLAY ACTION” BAJA 1000
From Start Line to Darkness and the infamous dreaded Siltbeds.
Wild BAJA at it’s best. Onboard with Justin Davis 2011 Baja 1000 winner and SCORE Class 1 overall champion. The youngest champion ever in this ultra competiive racing class of champions.Co-Driver is “on-duty” and on point doing an excellent job of keeping the lens and our vision HD clear. (moments of mud and dust don’t last long)
Tighten your belts!

Shot 100% with RePLAY XD camera systems.


47 replies on “BAJA 1000 HARDCORE #1 "Seat time" with WINNER Justin Davis 2011”

Realizada la idea, gracias a todos los que hicieron posible ese viaje y compartirlo con nosotros. Estuvo emocionante.
Once the idea thanks to everyone who made this trip possible and share it with us. It was exciting.

Is there a way to stop the shocks from making the clicking noise or is that just how they are designed to operate? Like I know it's the valves but I've watched other vids where the shocks were noticeably quieter then these ones.

The video is very good, it made me feel like a runner, those steep slopes, you have to have a great emotional balance to not lose control. It is the passion that lives in the race, a great adventure the BAJA 1000.

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