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As Scott McGrath from CAMS says in his affidavit that Stadium Super Trucks have … | RG Instagram

As Scott McGrath from CAMS says in his affidavit that Stadium Super Trucks have lift kits on the suspension this just shows he has no idea what he’s talking about as I have my truck that I raced today at Sydney Motorsports parked next to a stock NISSAN Pickup. Perfect example of the people running CAMS Australian Motorsport have no idea what they are talking about AGAIN


24 replies on “As Scott McGrath from CAMS says in his affidavit that Stadium Super Trucks have … | RG Instagram”

I’ve said all along that this isn’t about safety, you pissed them off when you did burnouts in Darwin. They’ve just been waiting for a reason to shut you down.

The problem is @robbygordon and @russellingall that the @ssupertrucks sound better, are faster, have better racing and are more entertaining that the boring superutes. Supercars and Cams have invested a lot into that stupid category and they can’t have u guys putting on a better show. Hope to see you back where u belong on the Gold Coast next year!

It’s a shame they don’t let go and realise this show u put on is for the crowd who pay at the gate .

Robby you are a legend… Cams are dickheads… like a lot of over governed regulated crap ???? here in Australia. Please keep those SST’s coming back!

Lift kits???? Wow. Best we put these SSTs back to factory ride height and get a roadworthy certificate huh? Maybe a blue engineers mod plate?

@robbygordon On behalf of all the genuinely interested and highly supportive Aussies, the tens of thousands of us who have absolutely nothing to do with the corporate-dickhead-CAMS-‘experts’… I apologise for their close mindedness and arrogance.
Australia has so much potential, held down by limp wristed, sensitive, easily offended clowns! Try not to feel discriminated against, this crap happens all the time… ????
I’ll come and watch you smash the Baja one day ????????

I think you should protest against their so called racing and their certificates or whatever crap they feel required, they have no idea they are working with @robbygordon one of the worlds best racer, pilot, engineer and these truck have been proven, why is it only when he bring his program here they try to shut him down,

Sounds like McGrath has been hanging around with Brian France lol . Neither of them know crap about racing but are somehow experts in the sport ????????

just come back to the states…lol…dont let sst become overly homoginized, like nascar. soon they’ll try having only tampon& baby products companies sponsoring racing… wit till.massengill approaches you for a ride…lol!

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