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Another night of late night Engineering at Speed UTV @speedsxs @speedutv… | RG Instagram

Another night of late night Engineering at Speed UTV @speedsxs @speedutv


24 replies on “Another night of late night Engineering at Speed UTV @speedsxs @speedutv… | RG Instagram”

This is probably the best real world engineered utv! With all of RG experience in racing he knows what works and what doesn’t! ????????????????????

Love the radiator in the back. But I know two UTV race teams who had their radiator mounted low and struggled with cooling. Eventually having to move them up. Alumicraft buggy’s have been mounting radiators low for years with no issues. My guess is the UTV water pumps & might be part of the cooling issues as both cars had large radiators & fans. Would also like to see some ducting to let natural airflow get to the radiators too.

Also will the chassis lower front suspension clip be modular like the Arctic Cat XX? I really liked this design and after looking at the winning XX at the D38 race, he took a nasty hit to a rock and bent the lower sub frame. He was still able to finish & win the race. But for less then $200 he can buy, & fix his chassis to race another day. Super cool concept, just like the modular clips on the SST trucks.

Looks like the first utv to have a legit chassis built like a full tube chassis should be. The other engineers need a class on dead tubes

Why not just build a mini TT with a straight axle and 4 link setup? mid engine AWD change the game up!

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