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Many many of my friends have finalized their orders for the Jefe. I have an order in for the LE Jefe but I’m strongly considering swapping to a RG Diablo. I can tell it’s your favorite and you know best. Either way it goes, we are in exciting times! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

So…can we choose our delivery location? I would love to make a trip out of picking up in Havasu @jacksonobrown 😍

Robby i have your logistic partner. Its real Mr H took a pass. Call me or email me. Global 11 billion dollar company based in charlotte and CT. Global

Dude call me. I grew up for 28 yrs in Delaware and my father had radio stations. Joe Biden has known my family forever…I can help

Oh if I knew Todd was going to be there I would’ve stopped in and said hello I was in the neighborhood

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