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3/4 View of the new Speed 4 Seat UTV @speedutv @speedsxs there are so many cool … | RG Instagram

3/4 View of the new Speed 4 Seat UTV @speedutv @speedsxs there are so many cool features in these SPEED UTV’s. Class leading in Safty as this 4 seater has a FIA style APost, Real Spine in the Chassis, Tubes intersect with junctions not meeting a tube with No junction support like a Polaris, Can Am,, Honda or Kawasaki? Who approves these designs for these other manufacturers? The CFO that doesn’t have real world experiences and is so worried the he or she cuts COSTS for SAFTY????????‍♂️. The Speed UTV Cars have many of the SAME COMPONENTS ????????‍♂️ Same Upper and Lower AArms Left and Right,Same Wheels and Tires an all 4 corners, Same Shocks on all 4 corners just different Pistons and Springs for Front and Rear handling and Balance, Same Hubs and Bearings all 4 corners, Same Trailing Arms Left and Right, Same seats Front and Rear. Get ready for a Huge change on the trails in 2021, Ride Safe @speedutv


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I’m so confused. So are these Textron/Arctic Cat XX cars, or did Speed UTV buy the design and produce these cars now?

These are awesome! FINALLY a UTV that doesn’t need an additional 10k to be safe. Love this. I hope you blow the others out of the water!

Can we order them with a real street bike engine and transmission? Or will they be boring automatics?

Nice work on the commonality of parts I set of spares on the trip and your caked. Super cool to see where your going with these utv’s.

Robby, Please tell me you will lead the industry with the largest fuel tank? 15-20 gal? 10 gal sucks for Baja trips or prerunning. 20 gal would be the ultimate! Would keep guys like me from having to carry extra fuel, which is not Ideal! Also make the rear seats removable and the possibility to make a rear seat rack to carry a cooler, duffle bags etc.. when playing or prerunning in Baja. (Back Seat Rack would be a great SpeedUTV accessory!!!)

How long does it take to design one? When I worked the Honda Talon, it took like 7-8 years of Development to manufacturing.

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