2020 Robby Gordon Adelaide SST Race 2 – Roof-Cam

Robby Gordon raw roof-cam from 2020 Stadium SUPER Trucks race #2 in Adelaide, Australia.

Original race date: February 22, 2020

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40 replies on “2020 Robby Gordon Adelaide SST Race 2 – Roof-Cam”

One of the best video you guys released.
Unedited 60fps POV pure madness.

On a side note, shouldn't Robbie have been ahead of #88 after 5:35? And the ramming after that was so enjoyable.

I'm here yelling why aren't you mashing the pedal a second faster out of the turns but wTf do I know, I'm home under quarantine and you kickin ass on the track. Great job coming up the line!

I wanna see some one cheat and put a bigger flywheel back on the shaft, say 75lbs with a clutch. Then route power from your pancake generator to your 2.5kw electric motor. Designs being as random as they are, to each their own. I mean come on a cyclist did it and it made national news, you breakthrough artist. It is a race isn't it? Win sometime.

Amazing driving but I feel like he could’ve gotten on the gas sooner out of most corners although he reserved driving payed off a little with 2nd place I think? But I feel like if he drove a little more closer to the edge on his way up the ladder he may have been able to win.

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