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2019 #baja1000 post race @toyotires @kmcwheels @speedsxs @speedutv @kingshocks @… | RG Instagram


2019 #baja1000 post race @toyotires @kmcwheels @speedsxs @speedutv @kingshocks @ssupertrucks


24 replies on “2019 #baja1000 post race @toyotires @kmcwheels @speedsxs @speedutv @kingshocks @… | RG Instagram”

Thank you for sharing these amazing experiences with us. I live vicariously through your videos while sitting my boring gray cube at work.

Wow So sorry!!! I know the effort that goes into doing this race to have something so simple as a TPS go out just hurts.. Better luck next time I was rooting for you —

Bummer about the part that died. You still finished and your badass driving skills and truck still make you a winner!????????????RGFan4Life????

What system are you running to where a TPS sensor sidelined you for 6 hours? Honestly just wondering. Did you not get enough fuel pressure/control so the truck wouldn’t run?

Next time try our app with one of the @mobarmor enclosures for the tablet and GPS Reciever. You won’t have to worry about that happening again! #innovation ????????????⚠️????????????

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