2019 Baja 400 – Robby Gordon

Raw footage of Robby Gordon during the 2019 Baja 400.

Gordon drove the #77 Trophy Truck for RPM Offroad.

Started 17th, finished 4th, but received a 15 minute penalty for passing in a speed zone and was placed 14th.


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Pretty cool Robby threw compliments to Geiser and RPM. It's smart to admit this. Robby is a GREAT Baja driver. He will start winning if he continues with RPM. Can't do everything yourself. That's been Robby's downfall in recent years. But can't knock his "go for it" attitude either. Nothing ventured nothing gained, right Robby? Just tough to be Ferry Porsche in 2019.

I mean his license plate say OWNBAJA who else could say that nobody But Robby …and he does own it . he also once said hes going to push the trucks as hard as he can and if he doesnt win its because the truck broke and for him doing everything on his own trucks is NOT HIS DOWN FALL

Love this guy. Met him at California Speedway or whatever its name is now. He was driving for Richard Childress in the Nascar cup series. I asked him about Kevin Harvick who was his teammate and Robbie had no love lost for Kevin. Nobody was around when I asked him about Kevin. He looked left,he looked right and gave me a response that was awesome. I wont repeat it. He keeps it real.

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