2015 Stadium Super Trucks – Adelaide – Race 2

2015 Stadium Super Trucks – Adelaide – Race 2


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Seen a lot of motorsport in my days from lawn mower racing to TT , and this looks like it could become a huge  spectator potential ! They actually look like 1/1 remote control racers with their insane "do anything handling " . They also seem to carry a lot of corner speed through the turns – like a proper race car ! .  Looks like the two awesome unique  performance capabilities of a car and motocross bike has finally been " hybridized " &  conquered by mankind's modern engineering skills . Can you imagine these cars with another 200bhp / wings and aero mods / F1 motorsport companies technology and the worlds top drivers !

The "competition caution" doesn't give you two races. It effectively turns the first half into a qualy session leading to a 4 lap race. I understand the reasoning behind it, but…meh.

Is this a real race or more of a spectacle to sell more toys?  I mean it's ramp jumping and bashing, with only 6trucks competing.  Also the main sponsors seem to be Hot Wheels and Traxxas.. lol.

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