2012 King of the Hammers – HIGHLIGHTS

featuring and narrated by Derek West who came in 4th place.


5 replies on “2012 King of the Hammers – HIGHLIGHTS”

Hey, big fan of your videos, your vid of last years koh was epic,
I'd love to see a remix of this years one with some more dub step music to match the pace? maybe some caspa and rusko or nero?
once again awesome vids man

@chitstirer1 I couldn't agree more. last years version flowed and got you more pumped up. this year we got a bit overwhelmed and decided just to post something while people where still interested. this year there was a lot more competition which made it harder. if i find some time i might try to do exactly what you suggested because that is how i envisioned it turning out as well. the intro is legit but it needed to keep that pace and beat. thanks for the input !

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