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2012 Dakar Rally – Team SPEED Stage 12 Recap

Robby Gordon WINS his 2nd stage of the 2012 Dakar Rally by 15 minutes over the competition.


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@allmotorhash Nasser knows that reliability is more important than speed to win the dakar. That is why he went from BMW X-Raid (fastest car) to Volkswagen (most reliable car). Just look at how many issues Nasser had with the Hummer: unexplained electric issue on stage 1, broken water pipe on stage 5, broken alternator + broken belt on stage 8, 3 broken belts on stage 9 -> game over. The team made a mistake by not replacing the alternator on Nasser's car on the rest day (before stage 8).

@gwyllion3 faster car this rally?..yeah. will the ASO slow the hummer next year? year yea.
nasser decided not to be a team player and beat the shit out of the hummer indeed he did had nothing to loose. Nasser fast driver but there team speed is no where near the 100 million dollar budget team he is used to that has 30 crew members rebuilding his racer daily RG budget is not even 3 million

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